Longevity: Navigate Healthy Aging

With life expectancy having increased by thirty years in the past century, it is increasingly important to seek ways to optimize the quality of our lives through the life journey.

While aging is inevitable, how we age is a balance between our unique biology and the choices we make to improve our health and wellness.

In this package, you will find a collection of traits in 5 areas that are directly or indirectly related to longevity. Those areas include nutrition, weight management, skin care, managing sensitivities and cognitive capabilities such as memory performance.

Explore your unique dietary and exercise needs based on the analysis of more than 8,000 genetic variations!

The 43 trait reports provide risk assessments, trait explanations, and recommendations. In each report, you will discover which genetic variations contribute to your predisposition and learn about the scientific basis for your assessment. You will also receive recommendations based on your assessments and resources to further inform your decision-making.

  • 43 Trait Reports in 6 Groups
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Comprehensive sample reports including all the traits

Longevity reports are categorized into six groups:


Nutrition and Weight Management

Have you wondered which diet is more effective for your unique biology? How you process carbs, fat and protein are unique to your body's enzymatic processes and your genetic makeup has a strong influence on what works best for sustainable weight control.

Find out how your genetic variations impact your appetite, metabolic rate, and weight.

Skin Profile

Skin Care

Your skin changes as you age. You might notice wrinkles, age spots, and dryness. Your skin also becomes thinner and loses fat, making it less plump and smooth. Sunlight is a major cause of skin aging. You can protect yourself by staying out of the sun when it is strongest, using the right sunscreen, and wearing protective clothing.

Find out how your genetic variations impact your skin's dryness, elasticity, and ability to protect itself from the sun.

Exercise Benefits

Exercise Benefits

Healthy aging requires a healthy body. As we age it becomes especially important to maintain a moderate activity level and healthy muscle mass. Regular physical activity protects against heart disease, stroke, and cancer, but some people receive greater health benefits from certain exercises than others. Have you wondered why some people respond to an aerobic workout routine by becoming incredibly fit, while others who exercise just as hard see little progress? The benefit you receive from exercise depends strongly on genetic factors.

Discover how your genetic variations affect your response to exercise.

Injury Risk

Injury Risks

Healthy aging requires a healthy, mobile body! Though regular exercise provides tremendous health benefits, it's important to consider injury risks before beginning a training program. Your genetics influence how our tendons, ligaments, and joints are structured. These differences can produce unique joint or muscular vulnerabilities. Genetics can also influence how much discomfort you experience both during and after exercise — increasing muscle cramps and soreness or slowing muscle repair. Awareness of your unique risks can help you protect yourself from injury when implementing an exercise program.

Explore how your genetic variations may influence your injury risk, recovery time, and discomfort during exercise.


Cognitive Capabilities

Healthy aging requires a healthy mind. A healthy mind can be developed and maintained through exercise - both mental and physical. There are various studies regarding aging and cognitive capabilities, such as memory performance. Some research also links physical activity to mental performance. Get insights on how your genetics may impact your cognitive capabilities with regards to predispositions for Memory Performance, Reading Aptitude and more.



In addition to food, outdoor, indoor and chemical allergies and sensitivities, your genetic makeup can also influence other sensitivities that impact your life. Explore how your unique genetic makeup impacts your potential predisposition as you age for pain sensitivity, noise-induced hearing loss and more.


Longevity Package Traits

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Sample Report: Feeling good for Mediterranean food? Your genes also agree

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