DNA Testing for Fitness and Nutrition

Want to be as lean and fit as your favorite celebrity but also keep your day job? This package tells you how best to dedicate your limited time for maximum results.

Learn about a combination of exercise, nutrition, psychology, skincare, and allergy traits that can help you to appropriately design your fitness plan. Learn whether you’d get faster results from training to run a marathon or compete in a Crossfit competition. 


Explore your unique dietary and exercise needs based on the analysis of more than 8,000 genetic variations!

Fitness DNA Assessment

The 41 trait reports provide risk assessments, trait explanations, and recommendations. In each report, you will discover which genetic variations contribute to your predisposition and learn about the scientific basis for your assessment. You will also receive recommendations based on your assessments and resources to further inform your decision-making.

  • 41 Trait Reports in 5 Groups
  • View on your desktop or mobile phone. Download a PDF to share with your nutritionist, physician, or friends.
  • Sample reports available when you sign-up for a free account.


DNA-Health-Wellness-Report-Personalized-Nutrition-Diet-Exercise-FitnessDownload Sample Reports - PDF
Comprehensive sample reports including all the traits

Lean & Fit reports are categorized into five groups:

Weight Profile


Exercise benefits are significantly enhanced by optimal nutrition. Appropriate selection of foods and fluids, timing of intake, and supplement choices (if necessary) are crucial for optimal health and exercise performance. Understanding the genetic predispositions can help you to better recognize your nutritional needs based on type of exercise you do and its intensity.

Exercise Benefits


This group of reports will help you to recognize your specific talents in aerobic and endurance exercises or realize if you have more capacity in making muscle and power. 



This group evaluates your genetic profile for psychological trends that can potentially support you in your choice of exercise and planning. Traits include optimism, sociability, leadership potential and more.

Skin Care

Skin Care

If you like to practice outdoor or if your sport involves long time sun exposure, the information of your skin damage potentials can help you to better take care of your skin.



If you prefer to exercise  in nature, it is better that you know about your potential outdoor allergy risks.

Lean & Fit Package Traits

Lean and Fit Reports List
Lean Body Mass Potential