What is Wellness Genomics and what is the Science Behind it?

Your DNA controls everything about you: from your eye color, sensitivity to sun, and risks of complex diseases. Knowledge of your Genetics can be utilized for preventive purposes, leading to healthier life and personalized daily choices. Genetic variations in our DNA impact the way your body processes nutrients, your muscles and joints structure, your skin characteristics, and many other wellness traits, from predisposition to higher blood pressure due to excessive salt consumption, or negative impact of trans-fats.

Wellness Genomics is the science of identifying associations between genetic variations present in the DNA with Wellness traits.  This is called Predisposition Likelihood Assessment. Silverberry uses a Computational Genomics engine that assesses the cumulative effect of genetic variations that may impact your wellness traits based on thousands of peer-reviewed genetic studies of various populations and provides you with state of the art predisposition likelihood assessment for that trait.

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