Silverberry Trademark Guidelines

In this document "Silverberry" means, Silverberry Genomix, Silverberry Genomics Inc.

We've developed these guidelines to ensure our company trademarks are properly displayed and remain undiluted across our customer, partner, and ecosystem. Among the reasons our trademark guidelines are important include we want to avoid potential conflicts that may arise. If your brand is not clearly differentiated, customers may struggle to identify who to work with or what to buy. As a way of protecting our brands, as well as the best interests of our 3rd partners and customers, we are sharing publishing these guidelines.
Our Trademarks

Silverberry has registered some of the trademarks below or has otherwise announced and/or sought protection as indicated below. We have done this to protect and preserve the marks for our community of customers, developers, partners, and supporters for the benefit of everyone involved with Silverberry. By this we mean that people should be able to recognize when a product is from Silverberry.

You may use the Silverberry trademarks below in any blog, news article, or on your website without our written consent, as long as you use them according to this guideline, retain the capitalization structure indicated below, and retain the ® symbol or TM symbol as applicable on the right shoulder of the mark according to the usage in the list below.


Silverberry Logo

















Silverberry market logo.png


Silverberry Genomix
Ask your Genes!
Silverberry Genomix (Name, Logo and Slogan)
Silverberry Genomics
DNA Booth
Genetic Booth
Be a Gene-ius Shopper!

Our logos

Silverberry logos are distinctive graphic renditions. You may use the Silverberry logo or product logos in a blog or news article, publication, book or other online or offline medium, or on your website in reference to the respective Silverberry product, without our written consent, provided that the logos are duplicated exactly as shown in the above, and the trademark symbols (or the TM symbol, as applicable) attached to the shoulder of the logo. All other usages of the Silverberry logos require written approval.

Name Dropping

Trademarks protect Silverberry as well as our community of customers, developers, partners, and vendors. They identify the source of one provider's products from another. By "products" we mean all types of offerings, ranging from commercial products and services to open source and free software and informational websites. Trademark law protects the public's ability to rely on trademarks for information about product source and quality, requiring trademark owners to take steps to police proper use of their marks.

In the Silverberry ecosystem of customers, vendors and partners, the Silverberry product names are used in naming for 3rd party products, product reviews, product usage, and more. Below are some guidelines for using Silverberry product naming conventions in your work:

  • It's okay to use Silverberry's product names, logos, and trademarks in your own software product or company naming, however it must be clear that your product is a third-party tool, not an Silverberry-generated tool or service.
  • It's okay to use Silverberry logos and brand names on your website or blog. You don't need permission from us to use the brands or names.
  • Your website should look like your website, not ours. It should not borrow heavily from or closely resemble Silverberry's website or web properties. For the sake of customers and consumers, clearly distinguishable websites help everyone.
  • You may use the Silverberry logo or product logo in any blog, news article, or on your website without our written consent, as long as you follow these guidelines and do not modify our brand designs.
  • It is acceptable to use Silverberry or our product names or brands in publications, blogs, books or other online or offline mediums, provided this outline is adhered to and the ® symbol or TM symbol as applicable is retained on the right shoulder of the mark. In a longer publication where Silverberry is cited more than once, the trademark symbol need only be used the first time the brand is mentioned.
  • Do not concatenate product names, e.g., "MySilverberry."
  • You are not permitted to modify the Silverberry logo or product logos in anyway except to resize a logo for the page where it's displayed.

Silverberry Style

In addition to trademarks and service marks, Silverberry has developed artwork, screenshots, and imagery for our website and other web properties.

Silverberry's "look" or "feel" should not be reproduced or mimicked for the same reasons cited above: consumers and customers can be confused about whether they're dealing with Silverberry or another company. The Silverberry website and all intellectual property rights, including all Copyright rights therein, are owned by Silverberry. Reproduction or "creative borrowing" of the website or artwork without permission is a violation of Silverberry's Copyright.

If there are design elements that you wish to re-use on your website (e.g., to reuse a screenshot), please contact us for permission. If you have any questions about the use of Silverberry marks or logos, please contact us at [email protected]