A 360-degree view of your health

Total Heath+ is designed to provide a holistic view of your current health status, with a comprehensive set of tests, reports and equip you with the tools you need to pursue a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Instead of chasing various providers, services and tools, we have created one package that sets you up for success at the start.

Learn more about seven crucial elements in the package.



Genetics Behind Personalized Health

It's all about you

Easy to Understand

Your results is written for you. View online or download to share your reports with your healthcare provider, personal trainer, family or friends.


View your personalized assessment including a summary, description of each trait plus genetic variations included in your assessment.


In addition to list of actions to take, through Genei.us membership, comprehensive recommendations are provided linked to each trait.

Items such as recipe, exercise, supplement, health gear and beauty products.


What's included in the package

Weight Profile


Silverberry Starter DNA Kit that provides your DNA file with 700,000 genetic variations report (SNPs) that is used to generate your health and ancestry reports.

This is your DNA file for life (unless you decide to edit your genes!) and will be used to produce new reports in the future.



Weight Profile

All DNA Health Reports

Silverberry's All DNA Health Reports includes 180 trait reports across 12 packages. They start with Vitamin Balance, all the way to nutrition, exercise, skin, weight management, hair, CVOID-19 Impact Risk, and more.

Under Total Health+ package, all the reports are unlocked for you and you don't need to be worried about it.



Muscle Building

Ancestry Reports

Yes, most of us have a good idea of where we are coming from! However, it is nice to know more about our origin and ancestors: have there been farmers or hunters? Gatherers or invaders?! Additionally, you may find some interesting relatives that you were not aware of them.

In addition to the fun and interesting information your ancestry reports provide, it can be potentially used to compare some of your traits with your parents or family members, whether for health or personality traits.

Ancestry reports are produced by our partner company for free and included in the DNA test.


Genetic Counselling

Receiving your DNA Reports and Blood Test Results is the first step to gather the necessary information for an initial assessment and identify the areas you need to pay attention to. In order to put your reports into action, we have partnered with experts in the field that are certified healthcare providers (such as nutritionist) and are expert in the field of genetics.

Once your reports are available, they review them, and in an online session will learn more about your fitness goals, to not only give you more insights about your reports and what they mean, also guide you on the process of what you should consider reaching your heath and fitness goals.

BAsed on that session, you can decide how to moe forward to work with an expert or using additional tools available to you to manage your plans.


genei.us Membership

Silverberry DNA Reports provide you guidelines on what you should do based on your genetic predispositions. For instance, if someone has a predisposition to muscle loss, she will learn about what types of foods should consider, what exercises have the most benefits, even what supplements to consider. for instance, did you know Vitamin D deficiency may impact muscle loss?

However, that's not enough. With a genei.us membership, you are provided with comprehensive recommendations o how to put your reports into action. A genei.us membership includes:

  • Personalized Recipe: Learn how foods match with your DNA assessment and how much daily value you get from them
  • Personalized Exercise: The main exercises you need to do to maintain progress toward your fitness goal.
  • Personalized Supplements:  A collection of supplements you need to consider combined with your diet. Your counsellor reviews them with you.
  • Health Education: Silverberry app includes an educational component that includes heath trivia, FAQ and articles to keep you up-to-date and test your knowledge through a trivia game that you can play at any time, anywhere.

Fitbit Activity Tracker

The golden rule for a positive lifestyle is to balance calorie intake and expenditure. Having an activity tracker helps you to keep your activity level on a daily basis. We have partnered with Fitbit to bring you the most reliale device in the market to just do that.

Health Boosters

You can add the following services to your on-going plan


COVID-19 Mental Health Program

The Mental health program includes 9 sessions to work with a caregiver and receive support to better manage mental status. The plan provides evidence-based therapy modules and training to enable you to deliver the best mental care possible. It covers items such as anxiety, stress, depression and other challenges anyone may experience due to COVID-19 pandemic.


Personalized Supplement

Silverberry offers a Subscription-Based Personalized Supplements service, delivered to your front door. Based on your needs concluded from your tests and discuss with your counsellor, the best combination of supplements you need are packaged in one set and sent to you on a regular basis. See this page for more info.

Are you an employer or in charge of the employer benefits program? Learn about Silverberry Corporate Wellness program designed for remote employees.