There’s a lot of traits and behaviors in the reports and easy to navigate through the info

I bought my kit directly from their site and bought the extra reports. I really don’t need my ancestry information but wanted to know more about my genetic disposition towards certain foods and vitamins and minerals. I found the reports very insightful and while I don’t know 100% if it’s me but some of the traits it says I have, I do express. There’s a lot of traits and behaviors in the reports and easy to navigate through the info.

The cognitive reports are very interesting – actually can be motivating in many ways!

Spot on!

I went into this very skeptical about the whole thing. But the results have been spot on! What can I say; they managed to figure all those facts about me just from my genes! That is amazing! I have read their reports hundreds of time by now, and every time found something interesting about me in them. I had my wife read my reports and I read hers, we both agree that they were spot on about us! That being said, this line of research seems to be just at its infant stage, but these guys are definitely on top of their game. I learned about races of my ancestors, my wellness and fitness, my vitamin deficiencies, even my personal behavior traits. Highly recommended!

Became more aware of my personality traits

Happy with the easy test process and the exciting outcome. Becoming more aware of my personality traits, I now give it a second thought before reacting on critical moments. I also found the details about possible allergies and vitamin deficiencies highly useful.

It’s fun, simple and accurate!

Through this simple DNA test ,I received 139 genetic reports in the areas of Nutrition, Exercise, Skin Care, Allergy and Personality. Each report includes an assessment and recommendations. I am stunned how my genes play a key role in my well-being and lifestyle choices. It’s fun, simple and accurate!


Get insight and skip try and error

Using Silverberry reports allows me to skip over a lot of the trial and error process that comes with designing meal plans and training programs with clients. We use the comprehensive panels for each client, allowing us to gain insight on nutrition, exercise, and even allergies. Many clients have bounced from doctor to doctor looking for answers, and using genetics allows us to give them something concrete to start with. The platform has been great and our clients have really enjoyed it.”