Silverberry Resellers, Partners and Providers

Silverberry Genomix offers one of the most comprehensive genetics-based product personalization solutions in the market.

We do this by partnering with a wide range of providers, including Registered Dietitians, Personal Trainers, Physicians, Dermatologists, Behavioral Scientists and more. 

Our partners are using Silverberry Genomix reports as a starting point to make a plan for their clients, whether they want to manage their weight, be an athlete or simply want to have a better wellness plan to take care of their well-being.


DNA Assessments Benefit for Fitness

  • Design a diet or exercise plan tailored to your clients’ unique physiology.
  • The traits include:
    • Genetic predispositions for metabolic processing (from macronutrients to micronutrients)
    • Exercise physiology and Musculature
    • Cognitive barriers to implementing lifestyle changes (from exercise aversion to the fat taste perception linked to fat overconsumption)
  • Provide the health plan most likely to benefit your clients
  • Save precious consultation time for discussing the challenges they are genetically more likely to face

How to Become a Silverberry Partner

  • Sign up as a Partner at Silverberry Partner Portal:
  • Once your application is reviewed, your account will be activated and you will receive an email.
  • Upon your first Comprehensive Wellness Reports order, you will receive a free DNA Kit
  • You will be assigned a unique link for your referrals, discount code and marketing material to share with your clients

Free DNA Test

Upon approval of your account, you are eligible for one free DNA test when you order your Comprehensive DNA Wellness Reports. We offer this service to our partners so they can get acquainted with the platform while reviewing their own test results and wellness reports.

Examples, Videos, and Discussions!

As part of our goal to empower our partners to better support their clients, we have created the Silverberry Club. This is your hub for educational videos on how to use genetic assessments AND your forum to discuss various topics at the intersection of genetics and wellness.

To explain the application of the Silverberry genetic assessments, we have selected several club members with different profiles and goals as examples. For each case, we describe the whole process of assisting the client as if they had just walked into your office.

Visit the course on Udemy and enroll today: