Silverberry Genomix Joins Blockchain

Silverberry Genomix Joins Blockchain

As the first step in the use of blockchain technology, Silverberry announces the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in its store for DNA Testing Kit and Health Reports.

San Francisco, August 16, 2018 - Silverberry Genomix, a pioneer in the use of DNA assessment for health and wellness, announces its first use of blockchain technology.

Due to the rapid development of the genomics market and the use of DNA assessment by a wide range of consumers, Silverberry announced its use of blockchain for the next generation of the Silverberry platform.

“As our services in the DNA market continues to grow, we are focused on developing innovative approaches to advance the technology underlying the service” said Shayan Mashatian, CEO of Silverberry Genomix”. At almost every turn, we find alignment and very useful applications of blockchain technology, from hosting the DNA files on a decentralized network to offer greater control, ownership, and privacy to users, to the use of smart contracts in engaging with our users”, he continued.

As the first step on its road-map to adopt blockchain, Silverberry has added acceptance of popular cryptocurrencies to its online store, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

“Understanding exchanges and cryptocurrencies is the first step in our ability to develop tools to test various blockchain-based usecases. These technologies lay the foundation for full implementation and adoption of blockchain end-to-end. The next phase will include hosting the DNA data on blockchain, implementing smart contracts to engage with the platform, and pilots to scale the technology, including the development of customized algorithms to process and analyze large scale DNA files to produce recommendations based on DNA assessment." announcement concluded.

About Silverberry Genomix

Silverberry Genomix, a pioneer in DNA Wellness and Health Services, uses machine learning (AI) and genetic assessments to help people optimize their fitness plans and daily wellness decisions. By analyzing thousands of genetic variations, Silverberry provides more than 100 DNA Health and Wellness Reports that include an assessment, recommendations, and additional resources to learn about their genetic traits. Silverberry also offers genetic testing to those who haven’t yet had a genetic test. The DNA Test Kit can be ordered directly from the Silverberry website and is also available for purchase on Amazon. Users who have taken their DNA test with other services can upload their file and receive 10 Free DNA Test Health Reports. For more information visit



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