Silverberry Genomix Donates Proceeds to Harvey Recovery Efforts

San Francisco, September 5th, 2017 – In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Silverberry Genomix, a DNA Lifestyle company which offers genomics wellness and health reports, announced it will donate a portion of its proceeds from the sales of its wellness reports during the month of September toward Hurricane Harvey recovery effotrs.

“We have been concerned about safety and health of the employees of FamilyTreeDNA and GenebyGene, our industry partners located in Houston”, said Shayan Mashatian, CEO of Silverberry Genomix. “We hope all those affected will go back to their normal life as soon as possible and our small contribution can help to make it happen sooner.”

In addition to this initiative, Silverberry also offers 50% discount on its service to the residents of Houston until end of September. Prospect users with the address in Houston, Texas should can [email protected] for details.


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