Silverberry Genomix Announces Formation of IRB (Internal Review Board)

San Francisco, July 28, 2017 –  Silverberry Genomix, the DNA lifestyle Company today announced formation of its internal IRB (Internal Review Board) for research and studies.

“Internal Review Boards are usually created by research organizations or government agencies to ensure ethical aspects of research and how users’ data is handled are supervised”, said Shayan Mashatian, CEO of Silverberry Genomix. “however, as many more companies at various sizes are joining the fast growing sector of interpreting health and genomics data, there is a need to self-regulate such activities beyond legal requirements” he continued.

In today’s  world of advanced science and technology, where new scientific findings can be converted to products and services through advanced technologies, it is important to think about long term effect of ethical and social implications of such studies as well as their legal aspects.

Therefore, at Silverberry Genomix, we have formed a committee of experts, inside and outside the company to discuss and supervise our studies’ methods and practices with user data, and publishing the results.

Silverberry’s IRB Committee is supervised by Susan Helm,  a healthcare industry veteran and Director of IRB at Pepperdine University.

About Silverberry Genomix

Silverberry Genomix is a DNA Lifestyle Company which utilizes the latest advances in genomics science and machine learning methods (AI) to generate personalized wellness reports based on your genes. Using the saliva sample, 150 Reports are generated in the areas of Nutrition, Exercise, Skincare, Allergy and Personality Development.
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