COVID-19 Impact Risk Report

The COVID-19 Impact Risk Report provides insight for senior residents at highest risk of severe illness if exposed to the coronavirus. Our reports allows you to optimize your resources and space to protect the most vulnerable and at risk residents and staff.

Put your business on map by using the latest genetic science and technology.


• Optimize your resources for seniors at higher risk
Establish preventative measures with personalized health assessments
• Create additional value for your clients


As nursing homes may lose clients due to the pandemic, our testing kits can help ensure that residents stay connected remotely.
Coronavirus Test Nursing Home


With our COVID-19 Impact Risk Reports, we help nursing homes determine priority for vulnerable residents based off genetic predisposition.

Mitigation Strategies

At the moment, COVID-19 and its mitigation strategies may further limit in-person interaction for non-acute care.
As digital-first “front door” health services are being established, senior care homes can provide this value added service to their residents for comprehensive wellness reports.

A Preventative Approach

Our platform provides a preventative  approach. With preventative care, both senior care homes and residents can take measures to improve health and wellness choices to reduce risks associated with genetic predisposition.
In contrast to a one-size-fits-all approach, Silverberry Genomix predicts what health recommendations can better support each individual.

Select from three different packages available to you and your residents.