A COVID-19 free and safe office

It’s all about peace of mind…

Test your team for COVID-19 and maintain a safe office for yourself, your team, and your patients.

Silverberry has designed a back-to-work COVID-19 test, customized for dental teams to reduce risk of.....

Regular COVID-19 Test to ensure the health of your dental team

from receptionists, to hygienists, dental assistants, and yourself.

Silverberry COVID-19 Test to Dental Teams:

  • First turn around results
  • Flexible plan to take the tests daily or more often, customized for each team member
  • One-stop service to provide the test and results
  • Secure and Private
  • Convenient
  • Compliant with applicable regulations

When it comes to risk of exposure to Coronavirus, healthcare workers are at the greatest risk — they have person-to-person contact every workday, often exposing themselves to people who have the coronavirus.

Even though dentists might not be at front-line to work with patients who suffer from Coronavirus, according to a study released by GoBankRates, dentists are among the group with the highest risk of infection. A regualr test of everyoen who works at office is the only way to reduce the risk until a vaccine is offered natioanlity to all patients and workers.

Let your patients know about your policy for a safe and healthy office environment.

By regularly testing your team, your patients have peace of mind that their exposure to COVID-19 is minimal. It will give them comfort to not only take care of emergency needs but also continue their treatment for an elective procedure.

You may also make the COVID-19 test available to your patient who might be interested. Contact your account executive for more information.