Quincy and the Athletic Training Package

Let's help Quincy achieve his dream of becoming a professional athlete by optimizing his athletic training and nutrition plan using the Silverberry genetic assessments.

Watch the video clip to meet Quincy!

The full video, part of the Silverberry Certification Program, includes:
  • Review of Quincy's Profile
  • Review of Athletic Training Package
  • Quincy's Genetic Assessments
  • Quincy's Recommendations
    • Short Term & Long Term Plans
After you meet Quincy, scroll further to view video highlights and the details of Quincy's genetic assessments and recommendations.

Quincy is a college freshman with his sights set on an NFL career — preferably one that doesn’t involve season-ending injuries. He was an impressive high school running back, but he's found the next level of his beloved sport... more challenging that expected. Quincy needs to gain strength, size, and agility simultaneously.

Quincy needs to find the right training for HIM, the exact blend of exercises that gets him as big, strong, and explosive as possible, while protecting him from the risks he's more genetically likely to face — no training time can be wasted!

The Athletic Training package is designed for clients or individuals interested in optimizing their athletic performance in amateur or professional sports. The selection of genetic traits is optimized to provide the most relevant information for designing a personalized training and nutrition plan.

Athletic Training Package Traits

The Most Important Elements for Behavior Change

[slides from video]

Psychological elements drive a client's ability to adhere to a program.

Clients are more likely to adhere to a plan that provides speedy, visible results.

Quincy's Genetic Assessments

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 Quincy's Recommendations

Big Ticket Items

  • Personality
    • Traits could be a blessing and a curse
    • Channel tenacity & aggression into training & games
  • Exercise
    • 45% strength training
    • 35% endurance training
    • 20% flexibility-focused exercises [or hobbies!]
  • Nutrition
    • Increase veggies
    • Moderate protein intake
    • Occasionally track food intake.

Getting into Details

  • Exercise
    • Focus on balance and agility training.
    • Stretch those hip flexors and hip adductors!
  • Nutrition
    • Micronutrients to watch:
      • Choline
      • Vitamin D
      • Calcium
    • Macros to watch:
      • Watch for fat overconsumption!
      • Don't displace protein & carbs.

Athletic Training Package

Find out which types of exercise could yield faster results and learn how to protect clients from injury!