Yara Program: Price Structure

The Yara Power Pack

  • DNA Testing Kit

  • COVID-19 Report

  • 22 Vitamin Balance

  • 5 Basic Wellness Reports

  • Ancestry report


Health Boosters+


Comprehensive Report

+140 traits

Silverberry's most detailed assessment ever, period. This report will provide you with a complete overview of the traits that make up your body.

$199 (VDA*)

Genei Tracker

Fitness activity tracker

Silverberry's very own wearable! Track all relevant metrics related to achieving your health goals.




Geneius Membership

Recommendation engine

Using your DNA reports and personal preferences, our Geneius platform curates for you the most optimizing set of recipes, supplements, exercises, health gears, and so much




Silverberry’s supplements have been developed for providing its users with maximum health value through careful curation of necessary nutrients based on genetic assessments, while its daily packages are built for maximum convenience.


$82/Month (VDA*)

Exercise Benefits

COVID-19 Diagnostic Test

This is a viral test that is administered to prove whether an individual has contracted the COVID-19 disease spread by the novel coronavirus.




Muscle Building

COVID-19 Antibody Test

This test has been developed for finding out whether an individual's body has produced antibodies to fight against COVID-19. This test can only be positive if the individual has contracted the novel coronavirus in the past.




Genetic Coaching

Silverberry’s genetic coaches are available for clarifications and insight regarding DNA assessments at any time of choice.


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Mental Health Counselling

Silverberry’s mental health counselors are available on-demand at all times for best assisting with your employees' wellbeing


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