Silverberry for Fitness Professionals

There is no shortcut to good health, but now there is Silverberry DNA assessments to help you plan for it:

  • How do you know if it is more beneficial for someone to jog or to sprint?
  • To lift or HIIT?
  • And which macronutrients are most efficient to them?  

Now you can ask their genes! 

With Silverberry reports you can take the guess work out of real work. Use genetic assessments to optimize your client’s fitness plan. 


Download your Wellness Ambassador Guide [PDF]

DNA Assessments: The Benefits for Fitness Professionals

  • Design a diet or exercise plan tailored to your clients’ unique physiology.
  • The traits include genetic predispositions for:
    • metabolic processing (from macronutrients to micronutrients),
    • exercise physiology and musculature, and
    • cognitive barriers to implementing lifestyle changes (from exercise aversion to the fat taste perception linked to fat overconsumption).
  • Provide the health plan most likely to benefit your clients.
  • Save precious consultation time for discussing the challenges your clients are genetically more likely to face.

Whatever your clients' goals, there is a package for that!

Basic Wellness

This Reports are included in the DNA Kit or when a user uploads an existing DNA File

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Whether someone is planning for weight loss or gain, this package is for them.

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Lean & Fit

This package tells clients how best to dedicate their limited time for maximum results.

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Athletic Training

Improve performance, prevent injuries

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Longevity Icon


Understanding our body for a healthy aging, from diet to skin and other sensitivities.

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How to Become a Silverberry Partner

  • Sign up as a Partner at the Silverberry Portal: (After registration, complete the form in the "Business Profile" tab of your profile page.)
  • Once your application is reviewed, your account will be activated and you will receive an email.
  • Upon your first Comprehensive Wellness Reports order, you will receive a free DNA Kit and free access to the certification course on Udemy.
  • You will receive the partner on-boarding document with a comprehensive explanation of the program.

Examples, Videos, and Discussions!

As part of our goal to empower our partners to better support their clients, we have created the Silverberry Club. This is your hub for educational videos on how to use genetic assessments AND your forum to discuss various topics at the intersection of genetics and wellness.

To explain the application of the Silverberry genetic assessments, we have selected several club members with different profiles and goals as examples. For each case, we describe the whole process of assisting the client as if they had just walked into your office.

Visit the course listing on Udemy and enroll today! Go to Udemy


Free DNA Test

Upon approval of your account, you are eligible for one free DNA test when you order your Comprehensive DNA Wellness Reports. We offer this service to our partners so they can get acquainted with the platform while reviewing their own test results and wellness reports.