Navid Madani, Scientific Advisor

Navid Madani, Ph.D., is a Senior Scientist in the Department of Cancer Immunology and Virology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute with affiliated appointments at Harvard Medical School in the Departments of Microbiology and Immunobiology, and Global Health and Social Medicine.

Dr. Madani has applied her deep knowledge of research and scientific-based approaches to public health projects in the MENA region. In addition to her public health work, Dr. Madani researches the mechanisms of HIV-1 entry with the goal of developing a preventive modality to combat HIV transmission. She has been granted numerous independent awards, including an R01 grant from the National Institutes of Health. In addition, Dr. Madani is the proud mother of two spirited boys.

Her multidisciplinary approach has led to many collaborations, and she is currently leading a drug discovery program in collaboration with 10 investigators at different institutions, including Harvard, MIT, Johns Hopkins University, University of Pennsylvania, and Oak Crest Institute of Science among others.

Dr. Madani combines her research and public health expertise during frequent travels to the Middle East and North Africa, where she presents seminars at regional universities, with an emphasis on HIV/AIDS and healthcare. She has given educational seminars for audiences of youth and women geared toward advancing the understanding of sexual and reproductive health, and preventive measures regarding sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, Dr. Madani has conducted workshops and seminars for healthcare communities around HIV related cultural issues, science, therapeutics, and standard of care. Her seminars have been held around the MENA regions, including Iran, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Morocco. She co-chaired an International conference where she brought Israeli, Egyptian, Iranian, Lebanese, and Palestinian scientists, and healthcare providers together to discuss critical healthcare topics of the region despite the on-going conflicts between countries.

The SHE Center, supported by Dana-Farber’s commitment to lessening the global cancer burden, was born out of the past 10 years of her work in the MENA region. Her ability to fulfill her vision is supported by her track record of securing funding and resources while bringing together crucial stakeholders within key populations. Past successes were the result of obtaining support from disparate stakeholders that include academia, industry, governments, public foundations, and international NGOs. She has received 3 US Dept. of Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) licenses to conduct her work in sanctioned countries. She has garnered political support from a broad variety of governmental agencies including the NIH, OAR, AAAS, WHO, the Moroccan Ministry of Health, Qatar Foundation, UNAIDS, and UNFPA.

Dr. Madani has engaged with high-level officials at Ministries of Health of several MENA countries, senior members of UNAIDS, advisors to the King of Morocco, and university presidents in both the US and the MENA region. Despite the inherent challenges of conservative settings and geo-political tensions, she successfully engages stake-holders across international boundaries to partner on scientific and health-related agendas.

Dr. Madani is a scientific advisor at Silverberry and a member of the COVID-19 Scientific Committee that conducts a genomic study to identify genomic susceptibility that alters either the rate of infection or the severity of the disease in response to the Coronavirus exposure. For more information about the study visit