Naomi and the Lean & Fit Package

Let's help Naomi achieve her fitness and fat loss goals by optimizing her starter exercise and diet plan using the Silverberry genetic assessments.

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The full video, part of the Silverberry Certification Program, includes:
  • Review of Naomi's Profile
  • Review of Lean & Fit Package
  • Naomi's Genetic Assessments
  • Naomi's Recommendations
    • Short Term & Long Term Plans
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Naomi is a lab tech in her late 20s who would like to get leaner for the upcoming beach season. Now that she's gotten settled at her job and cultivated a healthy sleep schedule, she's like to start adding in a bit of exercise. Her BMI is a healthy 22.1 and she's never been overweight, but she's also never consistently exercised... so there's room for improvement.

Her recent foray into exercise classes has her excited about the possibility of getting stronger and more flexible, so she's ready to try out a new routine or two. She's also prepared to try a couple dietary modifications if she sees it's worth her while.

The Lean & Fit package is designed for clients or individuals interested in tweaking their lifestyle to enhance their fitness and physique. The selection of genetic traits is optimized to provide the most relevant information for designing a personalized nutrition and exercise plan to lose fat while developing muscle mass.

Lean & Fit Package Traits

The Most Important Elements for Behavior Change

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Psychological elements drive a client's ability to adhere to a program.

Clients are more likely to adhere to a plan that provides speedy, visible results.

Naomi's Genetic Assessments

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 Naomi's Recommendations

Big Ticket Items

  • Exercise
    • 60% aerobic training
    • 40% power & strength training
    • Train muscle groups evenly.
      • Requires journaling.
    • Indoor training recommended.
  • Nutrition
    • Increase veggies.
    • Occasionally track food intake.

Looking to the Future

  • Exercise
    • Increase resistance training.
      • Required to maintain leanness.
    • Increase flexibility training.
    • Increase variety.
  • Nutrition
    • Increase protein to meet needs.

Lean & Fit Package

Want to get lean and fit for beach season, but also keep your day job? Learn how to dedicate your limited time for maximum results.