Lavena and the Longevity Package

Let's help Lavena achieve her goal of aging gracefully by optimizing her nutrition and fitness plans using the Silverberry genetic assessments.

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The full video, part of the Silverberry Certification Program, includes:
  • Review of Lavena's Profile
  • Review of Longevity Package
  • Lavean's Genetic Assessments
  • Lavena's Recommendations
    • Short Term & Long Term Plans
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Lavena is a campaign manager who has just celebrated turning the big 5-0 — an event that has prompted a little self-reflection on her lifestyle and job stress. She absolutely adores her career and she wants to maintain peak form for at least another couple decades. However, she knows that in order to do that, she'll have to make a handful of lifestyle changes.

While Lavena's BMI indicates she is "normal" weight, her 30.9% body fat places her in the "poor" body composition category. She needs to get a bit leaner and stronger, but her busy travel schedule means she can only tackle a few modifications at one time. She needs to find those few changes that can yield maximum results!

The Longevity package is designed for clients or individuals interested in tweaking their lifestyle to foster healthy aging. The selection of genetic traits is optimized to provide the most relevant information for designing a personalized nutrition and exercise plan to maintain fitness while avoiding injury.

Longevity Package Traits

The Most Important Elements for Behavior Change

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Psychological elements drive a client's ability to adhere to a program.

Clients are more likely to adhere to a plan that provides speedy, visible results.

Lavena's Genetic Assessments

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 Lavena's Recommendations

Big Ticket Items

  • Personality
    • Cultivate healthy habits to minimize stress.
    • Occasionally track food intake
    • Watch for an unhealthy degree of focus or guilt.
  • Nutrition
    • Focus 1st on protein intake.
    • Mediterranean diet eating pattern
  • Exercise
      • Minimal time left to offset osteoporosis risk.
  • Sensitivities
    • 10 minutes direct sunlight per day
    • Remaining time = SPF 40+

Look to the Future

  • Nutrition
    • Mediterranean Diet
      • Moderate protein
      • High MUFAs
      • Low sodium intake
      • High lutein & zeaxanthin
  • Exercise
    • Maintain weight training.
      • For sarcopenia and osteoporosis.
    • Increase focus on flexibility training.
    • Watch for overtraining.
  • Sensitivities
    • Give your skin antioxidants.
      • Eat plenty of veggies!
    • Try some collagen-rich foods.
      • Bone broth

Longevity Package

Want to age gracefully? Explore your genetic predispositions and design wellness plans to maintain fitness and minimize injury risk.