Kiyoko Osone, Director, Investor Relations

Kiyoko is a published researcher in finance and medicine, graduating with honors and a full-ride from the Alumni of Regents at UCLA, serving as the research study coordinator at Gonda Neuroscience Center the Glaucoma Institute during undergraduate years. Her experience included collaborations with large pharmaceuticals fundraising for grant applications such as Takeda, Genentech, Merck, Eli Lily, Pfizer. She is the first author on two papers, with a few literary works published in Powell Library Archives. As a frequent panelist at various conferences, events, and accelerators in Silicon Valley.

Outside of work, Kiyoko enjoys connecting with my community in esports, golf, blogging and boxing. Examples include memberships such as Wall Street Oasis, AHLA Hoteliers Under 30, the Sunnyvale Arts Commission, and the Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Kiyoko seeks startups that that solve impending societal issues, as early stage founders are not only executives raising for their seed rounds, but individuals who plant the seed of hope of innovation for new generations to come. Her mission is to find the next startups that serve social good in inefficient systems, as we move forward with purpose.