Jessica Hoffman

Jessica Hoffman

As a registered dietitian, Jessica has completed multiple certifications in both Functional Nutrition and Genomics. She believes in an individualized, diet-first approach.When Jessica assesses a client, she looks at the ‘whole’, including diet, sleep, stress, detox pathways, hormones, toxic exposures, genetic and genomic influences, as well as activity – all to create a personalized plan of action for that client.

Specialties include: Allergies, prenatal nutrition (both men and women), women’s health and pediatric nutrition. She can help with neurological imbalances, adrenal support, reducing inflammation, and overall GI health. Jessica empowers her clients with the tools they need to make long-lasting lifestyle changes.

Jessica, a Bastyr University graduate, also strongly believes in continued education within Functional Nutrition, Genomics, and other constantly evolving fields within the study of nutrition and health.

Jessica is a mentor at Silverberry program for providers, sharing her knowledge and experience to apply nutrigenomics in practice,  For more information about the program visit Silverberry Providers Program webpage.