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If you're a content creator with a large social media following, and you're passionate about health and fitness, we want to talk to you. Let's explore ways we can collaborate. 

"How large a following do I have to have?" you may be wondering. It all depends. If you've built a passionate community that eagerly engages with you and each other, we want to hear from you.

Some examples of who we're looking for are personal trainers, skin care savants, body positivity promoters, healthy cooking connoisseurs, etc.

If any of this sounds like you, please reach out!


Let's build something together

Think you might be a good fit for Silverberry? When you partner with us, we help you bring awareness to you and your brand. Interested? Scroll to the bottom of this page to find out how to contact us.


Empower your followers

Do what you do best. Engage with your followers. Empower them to achieve their health goals by sharing with them the information and benefits Silverberry can provide.


Get people interested, get paid

We pay you an upfront amount as soon as anyone makes a purchase from Silverberry using your link. After that, you earn 15% commission on each purchase your link generates.

What will you be promoting?

Silverberry DNA reports allow users to consult their genes when contemplating daily wellness decisions such as:

  • What kind of food is best for me?
  • Should I keep running to stay fit?
  • What is my risk of injury?
  • Do I need to take greater precautions as I age?
  • What kind of moisturizer and sunscreen is best for my skin?
  • Do I have an aptitude for creativity or leadership that I should cultivate?

Reports include a description, assessment, recommendations, and additional educational resources for each trait.

Silverberry Products

DNA Testing

Silverberry reports are generated from users' DNA Files

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Whether someone is looking to lose or gain weight, this package will guide them in the right direction

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Lean & Fit

This package tells clients how best to dedicate their precious time for maximum fitness results

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Athletic Training

Athletes must keep on top of their health to stay at the top of their game; we'll show you how to get there

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Longevity Icon


This helps people understand their bodies so they can age with grace, keeping an eye on skin, diet, etc

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Who Buys Silverberry Products?

People who are passionate about their health and wellness journey,
those curious about the exciting capabilities of genetic assessment,
and anyone who just wants to try something new!

How to partner with us

If you think we would be a good fit for each other, and you would like to promote Silverberry, you can contact Anna, our affiliate marketing manager: [email protected].

Please provide links to your social media accounts as well as a short description of yourself and your brand.

Once we decide to bring you on-board, we will have you fill out this form so you can receive commission on the orders you generate: