Healthcare Platform

Add DNA assessment to your technology platform and services

Silverberry is partnering with various technology partners that address their health and wellness needs.

Such technologies may cover a wide range of services, from provider-user communication platforms, to mobile apps, additional insights for DNA assessment and more.

By using Silverberry API, any developer or technology platform can add DNA assessment and genetic testing and extend the services they offer to their customers.


Interview with Dr. Brandon Colby, Founder and CEO of

On July 20, 2018, Silverberry hosted its first hackathon to explore different ways that a DNA platform can be used, adopted o integrated to create new innovative services. within 24 hours, several apps wee made which each one presented a different way on how new services can be created by using DNA data and assessment:

  • S Plus: A chrome extension to filter e-commerce websites, integrated with Amazon (Won the first award)
  • Elyxr: Voice Assistant (Google, Alexa, etc.)
  • Incompass: Matching recipes with DNA Assessment
  • GĒNĒ: DNA Group Matching
  • ImaGene: Empower Kids with DNA Data
  • Malina: UX Design for DNA Data and Complex Reports Presentation
  • X-Enhacement: A Fitness Planner
  • SmartCoach: Virtual Fitness Coach

Visit Silverberry DNA Hackathon Recap page for full report of hackathon and contact us on how to add DNA to your technology platform.



How to Become a Silverberry Partner

  • Sign up as a Partner at Silverberry Partner Portal:
  • Once your application is reviewed, your account will be activated and you will receive an email.
  • Upon your approval, you get access to API Keys.