A Health Association in the Age of Pandemic

Adapting to new challenges of raising funds in remote working societies


Health associations have been historically successful in raising funds, driving healthier lifestyle choices, and raising awareness, all through various events like galas, direct/online donations, and group fitness events.


However, since the onset of the pandemic, the health associations’ industry has experienced turmoil in a variety of ways:

  • Inability to run events to raise funds
  • Inability to carry out in-person solicitation 
  • Loss of members and hence membership fees.
  • Macroeconomic factors during the recession


All these factors are lowering the effectiveness of health associations and their purpose of driving healthier lifestyle choices and mitigating preventable diseases.

Our society is in dire need of these benefits; especially at a time like now where public health is deteriorating due to the social distancing measures that we're taking to protect ourselves from COVID-19.


Updating Group Fitness Events

We at Silverberry want to help your health association raise funds, and we believe we have a way of facilitating group fitness events to help drive revenue back to your association.

Our framework for a successful fundraising campaign includes the same goals as your traditional events while prioritizing the safety of participants through:


Socially distanced interactions

Remote Tracking of Progress

Online Acknowledgement

How will we do it?

Silverberry's Yara Program will serve as the foundation on which we will facilitate our group fitness events in a safe manner. This will be possible through:

  • Using our expertise in DNA analysis to optimize health and wellness through actionable assessments
  • Utilizing Geneius, our precision health technology, to produce hyper-personalized recommendations
  • Using Genei, our tracking technology, to ensure accurate collection of fitness data

And all of these services are available to our end-users online without the need for any form of human interaction.


Introducing Challenge: RISE UP

Rise Up is a corporate fitness challenge which will help your association raise funds through:

  1. Corporate briefing and tech integration (Yara Program)
  2. Creation of time-sensitive team fitness challenges and progress tracking 
  3. Completion of team challenge translating to corporate donations