Health & Ancestry Reports: Ask your genes!

Order Silverberry Premium DNA Testing Kit and receive ~140 DNA-Based Health and Wellness reports, plus free ancestry reports.

Genetic reports include traits related to nutrition, sports and exercise, skin care, allergy management, and personality development.

Each report includes a summary, risk assessment, recommendations, and additional resources to learn about the traits and how they influence your body.

  • See which genetic variations contribute to your body conditions, from diet to exercise related to your weight

  • 140 Reports in several packages, from weight loss to allergy, exercise, skin care and personality reports

  • Each trait includes a description, assessment and recommendations

What is a DNA Report and how does it work?

Don't Blame Yourself!

DNA-Health-Wellness-Report-Personalized-Nutrition-Diet-Exercise-FitnessDownload Sample Reports - PDF
Comprehensive sample reports including all the traits

New to DNA Wellness Reports? See some samples

Love to explore? Like bright colors? Thinking entrepreneurial? Must be in your genes

Sample Report: Enjoy Mediterranean food? Your genes might also agree

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Ancestry Reports are included in the DNA Test for FREE. See Details.


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