Silverberry Fitness Club Partnership Program

Do you wish to augment subscriptions, customer satisfaction, and retention? Offer the latest advancement in science and technology to your members!  Silverberry Genomix brings state-of-the-art DNA assessments to fitness clubs and wellness centers. 

Silverberry Partnership Program offers marketing support, client referrals, and DNA Demo Days to clubs around the country. Watch the video and explore the website for more detail.

Partnership Benefits

  • Marketing support with on-site DNA Demo days, newsletters, and group events
  • Client referrals from the Silverberry website and our corporate partners
  • An additional source of revenue
  • Certification for Genetic Assessment in Fitness and Nutrition
  • A free DNA test for personal trainers enrolled in the program
  • A personalized dashboard to manage clients' reports
  • An augmentation to customer satisfaction and interaction
  • Save precious time by identifying the challenges customers are genetically more likely to face

I am a gym or fitness club manager.

I am a personal trainer.

Becoming a partner is easy.  Give us your name, club name, and phone/email, and one of our partner support team members will get you on board within a day.