Silverberry Program for Fitness Clubs

We are partnering with fitness clubs because you are the qualified and responsible keys to the wellness objectives that people define for themselves.  Silverberry DNA-driven insights empower you on this mission.   

Put your club on the map. 

Use genetic assessments to optimize your client’s fitness plan and your business.

To join Silverberry Partnership Program, submit the form below and one of our Partner Success Managers will contact you.

Use DNA Assessment for Fitness to increase client referral and retention 

Benefits For Fitness Clubs:

  • Stay on top of fitness industry by using the latest science and technology
  • Client Referrals to your business
  • Increase client retention
  • Marketing Support
  • Onsite DNA Demo Days
  • Additional source of revenue
  • Client satisfaction
  • Put your club on map!

Benefits for Personal Trainers:

  • Learn the latest science and tools in designing fitness plans.
  • Certification Course
  • Design optimized fitness plans tailored to your clients’ unique physiology.
  • Save precious consultation time for discussing the challenges your clients are genetically more likely to face.
  • Additional source of revenue


Whatever your clients' goals, there is a package for that!

Basic Wellness

This Reports are included in the DNA Kit or when a user uploads an existing DNA File

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Whether someone is planning for weight loss or gain, this package is for them.

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Lean & Fit

This package tells clients how best to dedicate their limited time for maximum results.

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Athletic Training

Improve performance, prevent injuries

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Longevity Icon


Understanding our body for a healthy aging, from diet to skin and other sensitivities.

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Sample Traits List

By suing saliva sample, more than 100+ genetic reports on nutrition, sports and exercise, skin care, allergy management and personality development are generated which can optimize any fitness plans.

Each report includes summary, risk assessment, recommendations and additional resources to learn about the traits and how they influence your body.

See list of traits included in the Lean & Fit package.

Silverberry for Personal Trainers

Empowering fitness professionals with new tools and source of revenue

Fitness and Wellness professionals are the ones who inspire and support positive lifestyle changes. We empower personal trainers to use genetic assessment to optimize fitness plans for their clients.

Each personal trainer not only receives a free DNA Kit to understand the process, they can receive training online on how to use the new genomics science in their daily activities.

Visit Silverberry for Personal Trainers to learn more.


We Train Trainers

To use DNA for Fitness so you don’t have to

As part of our goal to empower our partners to better support their clients, we have created the Silverberry Club. This is your hub for educational videos on how to use genetic assessments AND your forum to discuss various topics at the intersection of genetics and wellness.

To explain the application of the Silverberry genetic assessments, we have selected several club members with different profiles and goals as examples. For each case, we describe the whole process of assisting the client as if they had just walked into your office.

Find our 2-hour DNA Assessment Certification Course on Udemy! Go to Udemy


Book a DNA Demo Day

New to DNA and genetic assessment?  No problem! 

We will organize a DNA Demo Day at your location to share everything your trainers and clients need to know about genetic assessment and how it can be used to optimize fitness planning.

DNA Demo Days are organized by offering a Silverberry Pop Up Display (which you can order and keep at your location), brochures, and knowledgeable fitness enthusiasts to answer any questions.

DNA kits and reports can be ordered on the spot and remain for future visitors.

Visit Silverberry Online Store and order your pop up display now!

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