Silverberry Coach - Genetic Counselling

Millions of people take at-home DNA tests, excited to learn about their heritage. However, with a wealth of information and what can be done with it, many can benefit from a consultation session with an expert to maximize the benefit of the test and the DNA reports. 

If any of these questions have ever crossed your mind:

  • How can I better understand my genetic traits?
  • How do I set goals according to my reports?
  • Can I improve my daily routine to support my genetic traits?
  • What results should I take into greater consideration?
  • Is there an opportunity to receive personalized recommendations?
  • Am I taking the right measures to improve my health?
  • How do I find the right recipes, vitamins and workouts?
  • Where can I access a clear interpretation of my results?

Then you have access to the genetic experts to walk through the above questions.

Receive quick access to licensed genetic counselors — experts in both medical genetics and counseling!

How It Works

The genetic Counseling service is provided by our partner, DNA Ally. Certified and licensed genetic counselors are experts in genetics and counseling. During a live consultation, they’ll provide guidance and support, on what tests you should take or help you understand your test results and what they mean for you.


• Quick access to licensed genetic counselors — experts in both medical genetics and counseling who are generally consulted before and after genetic testing

• 20-minute phone or video consultations

• Clear interpretation of results and recommendations for follow-up testing

Once you ordered a session, we will send you instructions on how to meet the designated counselor and the session information.

DNA Ally