Free DNA Kit with a Geneius Membership - $99

If you have not taken your DNA test yet, this is a great opportunity to receive a free DNA Test Kit.

The one year annual membership is only $99. By getting this deal you save $100 (Regular Geneius Membership for a year is $120 a year and DNA Kit is $79).

When you sign up for an annual Geneius membership, in addition to all geneius benefits, you will receive a DNA Kit which includes following reports:

  • DNA Ancestry Reports

  • Vitamin Reports

  • Basic Wellness Reports

  • Your DNA Raw File

Don't know how to take the test at home?

It takes 2 minutes.

New to DNA Testing and how you can benefit from it?

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Vitamin Reports

How your genetic variations may influence your body's processing and absorption of vitamins.

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Basic Wellness

Basic reports anyone wants to know included in your DNA Kit or when you upload your existing DNA File

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