Explore your fitness personality, injury risk and other fitness related characteristics to optimize your exercises based on your body's genetic composition.

  • 27 Trait Reports, Risk Assessments and Recommendations.

  • See which genetic variations contribute to your predispositions and explore the scientific basis for your assessment and get access to resources to further inform your decision-making.

  • View on your desktop, mobile phone or download the 33 page PDF report to share with your personal trainer, physician or friends.

Fitness reports are categorized in four groups:

Fitness Profile

Should you do power exercises, endurance exercises or both? Do you have genetic predispositions that would allow you to become an elite athlete? What is your potential in having a leaner body mass? Find out more about how your genetic makeup impacts your fitness in this section.


Fitness Benefits

Have you asked yourself the question of why some people respond to an aerobic workout routine by becoming incredibly fit, whereas others who exercise just as hard for months end up no fitter than the beginning? How much each of us benefits from exercise depends strongly on genetic factors. In this section you can gain insights on what the actual benefits of exercise can be on your unique biology.



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Injury Risk

While we all realize that exercise has tremendous benefits for our health, we also need to be aware of injury risks that come with doing the wrong kinds of exercises. Our tendons and joints are structured differently. Explore how your unique genetic makeup makes you more or less vulnerable to tendon and/or joint injury risks and get recommendations on what exercises and routines to engage in or avoid.

Muscle Characteristics

Injury Potential: The muscle system is responsible for movement of the human body, posture, movement of substances inside the body and for the generation of body heat. Your overall muscle power and how much you can increase it with exercise depends strongly on your genetics. Also your potentials for muscle injury, muscle cramps, muscle soreness after exercise and other muscle problems are also influenced by your genes. Explore the genetic basis of your muscle characteristics in this section.

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Weight Management

Whether you are planning for weight loss or gain, explore your predispositions for a more effective weight management plan.


Explore your unique biology to optimize the choices you make to improve your health and wellness.