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If you are a provider — whether a personal trainer, a registered dietitian, a doctor, a wellness coach, or a fitness enthusiast — you are in the right place!


Examples, Videos, and Discussions!

As part of our goal to empower our partners to better support their clients, we have created the Silverberry Club. This is your hub for educational videos on how to use genetic assessments AND your forum to discuss various topics at the intersection of genetics and wellness.

To explain the application of the Silverberry genetic assessments, we have selected several club members with different profiles and goals as examples. For each case, we describe the whole process of assisting the client as if they had just walked into your office. Due to the course's unique case study approach, you can become comfortable utilizing genetic assessments with clients after watching just the first 30-minute segment.




Meet the Silverberry Club Members

Client Example: Warren and the Weight Management Package

Warren is a member of the Silverberry Club and a client! He is concerned with his recent weight gain and needs to take the first steps on the path to a healthy weight. To help him achieve his goals, you'll want to use his genetic assessment to optimize his starter diet and exercise plans. Using information gleaned from his DNA, you can increase his chance of success by tailoring his plan to his physiology for the maximal results.

In Warren's video, we will review his profile in detail, explore the Silverberry reports generated from his DNA file, and show how it can guide the design of his plan.

Each Members' Page:

  • Profile
  • Goals
  • Genetic Assessments
  • Practical Application
    • Video [20 minutes]
    • Slides 
  • DNA File
  • Full Silverberry Reports [PDF]
  • Assessment Data [.csv]


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