Talia Alenabi, M.D., Ph.D., Scientific Officer

Dr. Alenabi has been a sports medicine clinician for about 15 years. She had a leadership position in the field of sports medicine not only in her home country but also in Asian Federation of Sports Medicine and International Federation of Sports Medicine.

She participated in and conducted many sports medicine activities in different parts of the world such as organizing Team physician Courses and Sports Medicine congresses. Talia received her MD from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, MSc of sports medicine from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and PhD of kinesiology-Biomechanics from the University of Montreal.

She also possesses IOC diploma of sports nutrition from IOC medical commission. Her expertise in medicine, exercise sciences and biomechanics besides her leadership ability represent her multi-potential characteristic. Talia is now a post-doctoral fellow in DIESEL lab at the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Her research interests are mainly musculoskeletal injuries, exercise therapy and chronic diseases, and electromyography.