Dr. Ahmad Salehi, Prominent Alzheimer Researcher Joins Silverberry as the Director of Cognitive Group

San Francisco, July 15, 2017 – We are pleased to announce  appointment of Dr. Ahmad Salehi, the prominent neuroscientist with many years of research focused on alzheimer’s and cognitive function, as the Director of Cognitive Group.

Dr. Salehi obtained his M.D. from the SBMU in Tehran and his Ph.D. in Neurobiology from the Netherlands Institute for Brain Research in Amsterdam. During this period, he was chosen as the best Junior Neuroscientist in the field of Alzheimer’s disease at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands. Following postdoctoral training(s) at the Netherlands Institute for Brain Research and the Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences at Stanford Medical School in Palo Alto, California, he worked as a Senior Scientist at Stanford Medical School for more than 8 years.

In 2010, he received the World Technology Award in the field of biotechnology from the World Technology Network in Manhattan, New York for the use of multiple mouse models to identify genes involved in the pathogenesis of Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease. Salehi has numerous publications in peer-reviewed and high impact factor international journals of which, 7 have been featured on the cover.

Dr. Salehi will lead Silverberry research to study correlation among genetic predispositions and cognitive function for screening and potentially prevention or treatment of the disease.

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