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  • DRD2 gene has been associated with lower avoidance of mistakes

  • This genes results in decreased sensitivity to negative feedback 

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Sample Report: Experiential Learning Impairment 

An exciting study published in the Science magazine in 2007 with the title "Genetically determined differences in learning from errors" looked at the role of neurotransmitter called dopamine in feedback-based learning and monitoring negative action.

The experimental setup involved neuroimaging brains of volunteers while they were involved in a probabilistic learning task. The goal was to find out whether genetic variant in the dopamine D2 receptor gene has any effect on how people learned. This polymorphism is known to modulate dopamine D2 receptor density. The less common A1 allele is associated with a reduction in D2 density by up to 30%.

Neuroimaging study demonstrated that the A1 allele carriers with reduced dopamine D2 receptor densities learned to avoid actions with negative consequences less efficiently.

Their posterior medial frontal cortex that is involved in feedback monitoring, responded less to negative feedback than others did.  In other words, risk allele carriers are generally worse at avoiding the same errors. This may have various implications in their learning style.




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