DNA Testing kit

Silverberry DNA Test Kit can be used at home to collect saliva sample and send it to the lab.

By doing cheek swabs (not spitting), you can take your saliva in 2 minutes.  No doctor or professional nurse is needed to collect your saliva.

It takes in average 4 weeks to get your DNA file back from the lab and your wellness reports as well as ancestry reports will be generated automatically.

About Silverberry Genomix

What's Inside DNA Testing Kit

DNA Test Instructions

Haven't you taken your DNA Test, yet?!

Take a 2-Minute saliva test at home and learn about your unique body.

Silverberry DNA Test is combined with 22 DNA Wellness Reports, including 17 Vitamin balance reports and 5 Basic Wellness Reports, for just $89. On top of that, basic ancestry reports are included in the reports.

You can download your reports and DNA file to share with your family, physician, personal trainer or other experts.


Ancestry Reports are included in the DAN Test for FREE. See Details.

Premium DNA Testing Kit - $278

Order Silverberry Premium DNA Testing Kit and receive ~140 DNA-Based Health and Wellness reports, plus your ancestry reports for free!

Genetic reports includes traits on nutrition, sports and exercise, skin care, allergy management and personality development.

Each report includes summary, risk assessment, recommendations and additional resources to learn about the traits and how they influence your body. click here to learn more about DNA Wellness Reports.

or 3 interest-free payments of $93 with Affirm Credit.