DNA Testing for Fitness

Thinking how to optimize your effort to stay fit? We have designed a solution for that!

Generally, when it comes to fitness, we follow one of the following goals:

  • Weight Loss: You need to make some adjustments to get to your ideal weight
  • Lean & Fit: You are happy with where you are, you want to make sure you stay  lean & fit
  • Athletic Training: You are receiving athletic training and you want to improve your performance and prevent injuries
  • Longevity: You simply want to have a healthy aging and age gracefully

The fitness packages are a combination of traits related to the above goals from DNA-Wellness Premium Packages (Nutrition, Sports and Exercise, Personality, Allergy and Skin Care Reports).


New to DNA Testing for Fitness?

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Fitness Packages

Each of these packages are designed with a specific goal in mind.  The traits inside each package are a selection of one of the 5 base packages. The combination of traits are designed to serve that goal. For  example, the information in the Weight Loss package concentrates on traits that influence weight and how to keep a good balance between food consumption and activity, while the Lean & Fit package looks into the athletic areas from which someone has the most potential to get results (i.e. mass body potential or aerobic performance).

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Whether you are planning for weight loss or gain, this package is for you.


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Lean & Fit

This package tells you how best to dedicate your limited time for maximum fitness results.


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Athletic Training

In this package we introduce your athletic potential that is encoded in your genes.


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Longevity Icon


Understanding how your body best ages gracefully, from diet to skin and other sensitivities.


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Basic Wellness

This report is included in your DNA Kit or when you upload your existing DNA File


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Samples DNA Reports for Fitness

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Silverberry DNA Test is combined with 27 DNA Wellness Reports, including 17 Vitamin balance reports and 10 Basic Wellness Reports. 

You can download your reports and DNA file to share with your family, physician, personal trainer or other experts.


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Revolutionary Genomics Technology and Rigorous Science

Silverberry Statement of Limitations: DNA-based predisposition is not a diagnosis of a disease or condition. Predisposition Risk or likelihood is a statistical measure based on the latest advances in genomics science and is provided as an additional layer of information for wellness and fitness decision-making. Silverberry recommendations fall within general guidelines for wellness and can be used only for research or educational purposes. Reports do not constitute medical advice. For further clarification, they can not be used for diagnosis, monitoring, or treatment of a condition. Consult with your general physician, dermatologist, personal trainer, nutritionist, or other certified healthcare providers before making any major changes to your routines.

Most applications rely on single genetic variation-single genetic trait association studies publicly available. Reports are generated by exploring a network of genetic variations influencing your potential predisposition using an aggregate analysis of scientific studies and enhanced through learning artificial intelligence algorithms. Assessments and respective recommendations may change over time as technology and science advance.

If you do not have genetic testing data already, you can order a genetic testing kit for $89 through our portal. All it takes is 2 minutes for you to collect a saliva sample in the comfort of your own home and mail the pre-paid package to get your own personalized genomics reports.

Silverberry also supports 23andMe, Ancestry.com, or FamilyTreeDNA Data. Once you upload your file, you received 10 Basic Wellness Reports for free, and you can order other packages of your choice.