Boost your Corporate Wellness Program With Genetic Testing

Companies are losing thousands of dollars each year due to sick days or low-activity of their employees. It decreases productivity for both employees and companies. 

While there are many great corporate wellness programs available in the market, most of them focus only on one dimension: motivate users to be active and watch their diet.

Even though initially many feels motivated to participate in such programs, after some time due to lower effective results, their activity level goes down therefore participation rate. 

Silverberry Genomix offers a new dimension to a wellness program: DNA Tests for an effective wellness plan to deliver results. It consists of  several tailored genomics reports which provides actionable insights to the users to not only better manage their diet or fitness, also think differently about their lifestyle: It is called DNA Lifestyle.

  • A combination of Nutrition and Exercise Reports, with Risk Assessments and Recommendations

  • See which genetic variations contribute to body conditions related to weight

  • Additional packages for Skin Care, Allergy and Personality

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Sample Report: Do you have difficulty in losing weight?

Sample Report: Feeling good for Mediterranean food? Your genes also agree