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This page includes latest information we have received plus a FAQ regarding Coronavirus and COVID-19.

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How to prepare a room for COVID-19 isolation?

Patients and household members should be educated about personal hygiene, basic IPC measures, and how to care as safely as possible for the person suspected of having COVID-19 to prevent the infection from spreading to household contacts. The patient and household members should be provided with ongoing support and education, and monitoring should continue for the duration of home care. Household members should adhere to the following recommendations. [Continue Reading]

How to effectively manage my contacts?

Persons (including caregivers and HCWs) who have been exposed to individuals with suspected COVID-19 are considered contacts and should be advised to monitor their health for 14 days from the last day of possible contact.

A contact is a person who is involved in any of the following from 2 days before and up to 14 days after the onset of symptoms in the patient: [Continue Reading]

What happens if a contact occurs?

If a contact develops symptoms, the following steps should be taken: [Continue Reading]


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