Content Partners

Add context to your content!

If you are a content producer for wellness and healthy living, such as creating recipes, educating different types of exercise or recommending sports and exercise equipment, content partnership is for you.

When it comes to find the right content for those with a fitness goal in mind, personalizing the content and put it in a context is a difficult ask. Each user is different and even the same person may have different concerns at different times. DNA assessment enables your user to optimize their goals and the content they need to achieve it.




At Silverberry we are always looking for the additional content and recommendations that we can offer our users, to maximize the benefits from their DNA test.


  •  Exercise Instructions: A list of recipes with the ingredients that can be recommended to users based on their nutrition traits, such as low carb  diet effectiveness, sugar or fat metabolism
  • Recipe Website: If someone is experiencing higher muscle strength loss than population, type of exercise and equipment needed will be different
  • Supplements: Someone with genetic vitamin deficiency is better informed  about what supplement to look for and consider
  • Health Gears: From activity trackers to sport equipments, , outfit and more, anything that motivates and supports reaching a fitness goal can be introduced to the users to pick from.
  • Social Media Influencer: If you are a social media influencer, or you have created a repository of content, introducing DNA assessment to your users can be strategic in how they think about their fitness plans and it is also an opportunity for additional source of revenue.

How to Become a Silverberry Partner

  • Sign up as a Partner at Silverberry Partner Portal:
  • Once your application is reviewed, your account will be activated and you will receive an email.
  • Upon your approval, you get access to API Keys.