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The global healthcare system is undergoing enormous change and is driven by the need to improve efficiency. Healthcare is shifting to a new evidence-based, digitally connected, ecosystem that promotes engagement.

Common Challenges

  • Excessive time spent on video conferencing platforms
  • Failure to effectively engage with potential clients remotely
  • Repetition of basic tasks (scheduling, collection, submissions)
  • Disruptions due to setting up of required applications
  • Lack of human touch in delivery
  • Mishandling of data across platforms
  • Clutter of using multiple platforms

The Silverberry Coach Platform integrates an optimal balance between online and offline interactions. The hybrid model ensures your experience to be more convenient, efficient, and progressive in the pandemic environment. Combining human talent with the latest technology is what empowers our coaches to deliver quality service.

Introducing: Silverberry Coach Platform

The Silverberry Coach Platform addresses the challenges of remote access to coaching during the pandemic. Creating an environment that encourages quality interactions, feedback, and progress; our platform has been designed with simplicity and resourcefulness in mind. 

Benefits for Health Providers

  • Bypass the challenge of low in-person traffic
  • Access a larger client base
  • Better manage time with clients
  • Increase the quality and efficiency of delivery
  • Access necessary tools with higher convenience
  • Organize your documents with ease
  • Eliminate redundant tasks

Benefits for Clients

  • An alternative, remote method of continuing sessions
  • Engage meaningfully through hybrid communication
  • Better manage time with health providers
  • Receive quicker feedback
  • Access platform that facilitates higher convenience
  • Access homework, modules, and extra content
  • Eliminate unnecessary screen time

And the features responsible for enabling these benefits through our platform include:

Integrated Single Platform

Eradicate issues of working with multiple platforms which include the transfer of data, compatibility of systems, and unnecessary application traffic.

Predefined Programs

Designed from top to bottom to ensure schedules (class attendance, assignments, peer reviews, feedback, etc.) are a perfect balance.

Hybrid Feedback System

Semi-automation of the correction and feedback system enables educators to provide advice and suggestions in a quicker, more efficient manner.


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