Silverberry Coach Platform

Silverberry's Coach Platform can help with the physical and mental challenges experienced during the pandemic. We can help you combat the effects of society’s modern day stresses and ward off illness.

If any of these questions have ever crossed your mind:

  • How can I manage a proper work and life balance?
  • How do I achieve results for health and wellness goals?
  • Am I taking the right measures to improve my health?

Then you already possess the curiosity and passion to develop yourself, and that is the secret ingredient to our coach program!

Silverberry Health and Wellness
"We've hand picked expert health and fitness professionals including personal trainers, fitness coaches, nutritionists , physiotherapists and doctors to work with you."

How It Works

Consumer Journey

Most healthcare providers aren’t trained in genetics. Our certified and licensed genetic counselors are experts in genetics and counseling. During a live consultation, they’ll provide guidance and support, on what tests you should take or helping you understand your test results and what they mean for you.

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Each coach provides content and regular updates in the forms of videos, voice, and blog posts to educate you for the best practices and personalized plans based on your personalized assessments. We can connect to hyper-personalize your assessment and fine-tune recommendations.

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