Goal: Weight Loss


Warren is a man in his 30's who is struggling to lose weight. He has been overweight for much of his adult life, but in transitioning from a factory job to a slightly more sedentary office job he's begun to notice the pounds creeping on. With a BMI of 29.3, Warren is near the cusp of obesity.

Warren's eldest daughter has just turned five and he has noticed that she’s starting to gain unhealthy excess weight. Warren wants to set a good example for his daughter, so it’s time for the whole family to fix their habits! Enough is enough.

However, modifying his dietary habits and squeezing more exercise into his schedule seem like daunting tasks. Warren can only undertake a few modifications, so the recommendations have to provide MAXIMAL benefit!


Nicola is a woman in her 30's who hasn’t been able to lose the baby weight... which is beginning to concern her because her son is now two. The stress and lack of sleep provided by her son were compounded by work stress. Nicola works as a paralegal and for several months she had been playing catchup since taking time off for parental leave. Through this joyful yet tumultuous period, she gained a substantial amount of weight.

Even though the madness has calmed down, she still has very little time to undertake major adjustments to her lifestyle.


Goal: Healthy Aging


Lavena has just turned the big 5-0. While not falling into full mid-life crisis mode—yet—she is doing a little soul-searching, evaluating the effects of her lifestyle and the stress of her job. She has also become minimally concerned about weight management.

Lavena is a campaign manager and the job includes a lot of schmoozing and asking for donations. You’ve got to not only look fantastic but remember thousands of names and backstories. Oh, and then there's the travel. Lots of it. Recently, the fancy meals and wine have started to add pounds in a way they never did when she was in her 40s — and standing around at parties isn’t enough exercise anymore. It may be time to start using those hotel gyms. And while a reduction in wine intake is not an option, Lavena is open to a few other dietary modifications to help her stay at the top of her game.


Sean is... an accountant.

Throughout his life, Sean has spent the vast majority of his time sitting in a cubicle and miraculously maintained a normal weight but is now beginning to think about health and wellness. As with most Americans, he’s heard something about how diet and exercise are important for health, but he’s only now starting to think he should care. He's reluctantly contemplating a gym membership and an exercise routine at the prodding of an outspoken coworker.

Goal: Athletic Performance


Hadley is a swimmer.


Quincy is a college freshman with his sights set on an NFL career — preferably one that doesn’t involve season-ending injuries.

Goal: Get Lean & Fit


Naomi is a lab tech in her late 20s who is interested in getting lean and fit for the upcoming summer beach season.