Basic DNA Wellness Package - FREE
Essential Reports about your body

Basic Wellness Package provides you insight about your genetic makeup in five different areas: Exercise Benefit, Nutrition, Skincare, Allergy and Personality Development.

This package which includes 10 reports is free when you order your DNA Kit. It is also available for free to the users who upload their existing DNA file with the test taken with any of the following DNA Test Providers: 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA, and Helix. 

  • The most important traits to learn about

  • See which genetic variations contribute to your body conditions, from diet to exercise related to your weight

  • 10 Reports in 5 Groups (5 Free Reports)

  • Free when you order your DNA Kit 

  • Free for 23andme, FamilyTreeDNA and Users

DNA-Health-Wellness-Report-Personalized-Nutrition-Diet-Exercise-FitnessDownload Sample Reports - PDF
Comprehensive sample reports including all the traits

Basic Wellness Package includes 10 reports, 5 of them are free:

Sports & Exercise:

  • Overall Fitness Benefits (Free)
  • Overweight Potential
  • Joint Flexibility

Skin Care:

  • Dryness (Free)
  • Poor Tanning Ability


  • Seasonality


  • Mediterranean Diet Effectiveness (Free)
  • Caffeine Metabolism Impairment

Personality Development:

  • Exploratory Behaviour
  • Reading Aptitude (Free)

Here are a description about some of the above reports:

Weight Profile

Have you asked yourself the question of why some people have more difficulty in losing weight? What is your overweight potential? What are your predispositions for lean body mass potential? Overweight Potential Report gives you insight on on your body characteristics when it comes to weight.


Exercise Benefits

Have you asked yourself the question of why some people respond to an aerobic workout routine by becoming incredibly fit, whereas others who exercise just as hard for months end up no fitter than the beginning? How much each of us benefits from exercise depends strongly on genetic factors. 



Love to explore? Like bright colors? Thinking entrepreneurial? Must be in your genes

Sample Report: Feeling good for Mediterranean food? Your genes also agree


Muscle Building

The muscle system is responsible for movement of the human body, posture, movement of substances inside the body and for the generation of body heat. Your overall muscle power and how much you can increase it with exercise depends strongly on your genetics. Your potentials for muscle injury, muscle cramps, muscle soreness after exercise and other muscle problems are also influenced by your genes. Muscle Response to training report gives you an example of how genetically your muscles behave.


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