Alexa is Genius Now!

San Francisco, September 15th, 2017 – Silverberry Genomix, a DNA Lifestyle company announced launch of its Alexa Skill, Gene of The Day.

Gene of the Day provides facts about genes and how they influence our unique body in different ways.

Silverberry’s Alexa app is the first one in a series of services offered to market for personalized wellness information based on genomics studies and machine learning techniques. In next version, each user will be able to hear personalized report based on their Silverberry Genomics assessment. The assessments are offered in the areas of Nutrition, Skincare, Sports and Exercise, Allergy and Personality Development.

Alexa users can add the skill to their Daily Flash Briefing and learn about one trait every day.

Alogn with release of its Alexa app, company announced a special promotion for the user who don’t have Amazon Echo device. For a limited time, they receive an Amazon Echo Dot for free  when they order a wellness reports package.  more information can be found at

for more information about Silverberry Genomix and its services visit




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