Add a Profile to your Account

Watch this video to learn how to add a profile to your account, order new packages, manage files and view reports.

Step 1

To add a new profile, login to your account and on the right column click on "Add a Profile."

You can also add a new profile by clicking on your avatar on the main menu and selecting "Add a Profile."

Step 2

Complete the form for the new profile. Some of the information is required, while other information is optional.

Make sure the information you have entered is accurate and the individual has agreed to share her sample AND results with you.

Step 3

Once a profile is set up successfully, you will be redirected to the "User Profiles" list page. Here you can manage all your profiles, activate a kit, add products (DNA Kit or Reports) or view the individual profile pages to upload DNA files and see reports.

Step 4

To enable reports for a profile, click on the "Products" button next to the profile name and you'll see a list of products available for use. If no products are displayed, click "Shop" on the main menu to add products to your account.