Welcome to your path, to know YOU!

Silverberry Genomix is a personalized DNA-based wellness service which utilizes the latest advances in genomics science and machine learning methods (AI) to analyze more than 100+ genetic predispositions.

You can use your genetic tests results to get health and wellness reports in the areas of Nutrition, Exercise, Skin Care, Allergy Management and Personality Development.

We also provide custom packages tailored to your needs such as Weight Management and Longevity.

Haven't you taken your DNA Test, yet?!

Take a 2-Minute saliva test at home and learn about your unique body.

Silverberry DNA Test is combined with 27 DNA Wellness Reports, including 17 Vitamin balance reports and 10 Basic Wellness Reports, for just $99. On top of that, basic ancestry reports are included in the reports.

You can download your reports and DNA file to share with your family, physician, personal trainer or other experts.